9 ways Idiomatic’s platform is unique from competitors

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming how businesses analyze customer feedback and data, unlocking more opportunities for detailed analysis and insights. And it’s not just analytics teams benefiting from these advancements in technology, but customer support, customer experience, marketing, and product teams as well. 

To meet the needs of these teams and elevate the customer experience, many technology companies have developed AI-powered tools to analyze customer feedback. However, not all platforms use the same machine learning models so their effectiveness can vary. 

One of these tools is Idiomatic, which helps businesses and their voice of customer, customer experience/support and product teams, analyze customer feedback data at scale and make data-driven decisions to eliminate pain points and create loyal, lifelong customers. You get the most granular machine learning models, actionable insights, easiest installation (no engineering teams needed) and onboarding process in the industry. 

Keep reading to learn why Idiomatic stands out as the best-in-class customer-centric feedback analysis tool.

Why you need customer-centric analytics

Being customer-centric means putting the needs of your customers first. Customer-centric analytics is when you take what your customers say and how they interact with your brand and analyze it to learn how to create a better customer experience. 

The best way to learn what your customers want is by watching what they do and listening to what they say. Voice of customer data is pivotal in your customer-centric businesses because it tells you exactly what your customers need without the guesswork. 

Many companies have an easy time collecting data about their customers, but when it comes to analyzing the mountains of data, they struggle to review it manually (a.k.a. human-powered). That’s where AI and machine learning software like Idiomatic becomes a powerful business tool. 

The current landscape of customer analytics platforms

You have many options for customer analytics platforms that use AI. The features and capabilities of these platforms can vary significantly. 

The biggest key differentiator between many of them is exactly how they use AI and algorithms to provide customer-centric data summaries and insights. Many only provide surface-level insights that are keyword based, and aren’t sophisticated enough to understand the true meaning behind the words. For those platforms who try to read deeper, their algorithms are generalized and not customized to your industry, niche, and specific business needs. 

Idiomatic, however, is fully customized for your business and uses deep machine learning to uncover the “why” behind your customer feedback and actions. It also has more granular tagging capabilities customized to your business so you can dive into the specifics of where customers are struggling in the context of your industry. 

How Idiomatic supports customer-centric analytics

Idiomatic is the premiere customer feedback analytics platform that uses AI to uncover the deepest, actionable insights based on customer feedback. It helps you identify the customer issues that: 

  • Are the biggest pain points in the customer experience.
  • Cost the most time and money.
  • Can be improved through better workflows, self-service options, offering changes, or business process updates. 

With Idiomatic, you get:

  • The confidence that your insights are accurate and actionable (compared to human-powered, manual analysis).
  • Real-time, bi-directional data integrations with your other third-party data sources (such as your CRM, helpdesk system, automation software and voice of customer data sources).
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance.
  • Up-to-the-minute insights.  

The Idiomatic toolkit includes everything you need to understand your customer feedback data including:

Feedback analysis

Customer feedback is the heart of a customer-centric business, but only if you have the tools and knowledge to take what you learn and turn it into actionable steps to improve the customer experience. 

Idiomatic analyzes and categorizes customer feedback. Using contextual machine learning that’s customized to your business, you’ll be alerted to any concerning feedback or high feedback volumes for a specific issue. The platform will pull out other similar issues so you can see the full extent and details of the issue, giving you the most granular details needed to take action. 

Sentiment analysis

Understanding how your customers feel about your brand and offerings is a critical KPI to help you measure growth. Knowing which issues have overly negative customer sentiment, may indicate where you should prioritize your customer experience improvements.

Idiomatic creates custom sentiment models so you can track sentiment by channel, topic, or customer segment. With a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly visualizations in your Idiomatic dashboard, you get a clear, visual representation of how your changes are affecting customer sentiment. 

👉 Learn more about Idiomatic’s sentiment analysis software.

Automatic ticket tagging

Right now, your support team might be spending countless hours manually tagging, classifying, and routing support tickets so the right person or department receives them and can take action. This manual tagging of support tickets is unnecessary when you have AI to support accurate tagging and ticket routing. 

Idiomatic excels at tagging your tickets (based on your niche and business) and in triaging tickets to help you get ahead of escalating high-priority tickets. This alleviates stress (and time) for your team, resolves tickets faster, or alerts you to a trend so you can fix the customer issue or bug report at the source. 

👉 Get a precise breakdown of key drivers of your support tickets with Idiomatic’s customized ticket report. 

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Cost per ticket analysis

To ensure you have an optimized customer support team, you need to optimize your spending. If your support agents are spending too much time dealing with issues like ticket tagging and routing or searching multiple systems to get a complete customer profile prior to talking with them, you’re wasting time and money. 

Idiomatic can help identify average cost per ticket so you can identify which customer issues, help desk channel, or customer segment has the highest support costs. With these data-driven insights, you can make changes to your internal processes, staffing, or product/offering changes to decrease ticket volumes or get a faster time to resolution. 

Customized language models and contextual machine learning

The biggest drawback we hear about other customer-feedback analysis software is that it’s based on large language models or natural language processing (NLP). These general models are good at surfacing high-level themes, insights, and key phrases, but are not tailored to give specific granular insights for each individual business or industry, taking into account language that is unique to you. This means that you still have to do deep dives to read lots of tickets to understand the specifics of what’s going on with a theme or phrase.

Idiomatic builds a new taxonomy unique to each client’s business that helps you better understand your customers and their specific feedback about your products and services. The Idiomatic models are not “theme” based, but use machine learning based on our taxonomy to better understand the relationship and meaning of your customer feedback. This means you can process high volumes of data at scale, and deliver specific human-understandable insights without requiring you to do deep dives to read lots of tickets to get actionable insights about your business.

Idiomatic is easy to use

Unlike other customer feedback analytics platforms that require months of set-up by specialized onboarding teams and engineers, Idiomatic can be set-up on your system without the help of your developers or engineering team. Within 1-2 weeks, it’ll be set-up and populated with your live data.

Once set up, the Idiomatic dashboard shows you data summaries and insights in simple language so you can see at a glance what issues are driving your customers’ experiences. Other platforms present similar data, but use themes/phrases or disposition codes (tags) which are not reader-friendly to tag your issues. This means you still have a lot of work to do to understand the issues and the “why” behind them. 

👉 Learn more about the third-party software integrations available for Idiomatic.

Idiomatic at a glance

The key Idiomatic differentiator: tagging and classification

The most important key differentiator between Idiomatic and other platforms is the way we classify and tag data. Idiomatic develops a mutually exclusive yet beneficial list of customer issues (what we refer to as “taxonomy”), which organizes all your customer feedback. While other platforms require the user to create this taxonomy, organize it, and keep it up to date, Idiomatic does that work for you. 

And where other platforms might look for a needle of insight in a haystack of feedback, Idiomatic focuses on organizing the entire haystack of customer feedback to see the big picture and determine what’s actually important. 

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