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Real-time, bi-directional data integration

Prepping your help center or knowledge base for AI chatbot

  • You want to give the generative AI chatbot a try, but don’t trust your own help center or knowledge base to be good/comprehensive enough?
  • You want to make sure your help center or knowledge base covers all the answers for customer issues?

Watch the video below to learn how Idiomatic can assist you in preparing your help center, knowledge base or self-service content for an AI chatbot.

Are you a knowledge manager who would like to harness customer feedback / voice of customer data but can’t due to

  • data not being in a useful format/spreadsheet accessible,
  • data being free-form text, so there’s no way to add it up, aggregate, or quantify,
  • tagging/categorizing each customer feedback being time consuming?

Idiomatic solves these 3 issues by

  1. integrating with your customer feedback sources (including Salesforce and community sources) to get all the data in one place,
  2. building a taxonomy of tags/categories to organize your data,
  3. going through every single customer comment and tagging them at scale with our models.

So that you no longer have to guess from search queries what article would most help your customers. You can see directly what the issues your customers are having and address those issues in your help center  / knowledge base with confidence. 


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