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Idiomatic’s marketing intelligence platform

AI-driven marketing intelligence platform

Accelerate customer growth by unlocking insights across the customer journey.

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Truly customer-focused
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Marketing intelligence for data-driven marketers

Turn your customer feedback into a complete, data-driven voice of customer picture with Idiomatic’s customer intelligence software. Act with confidence to eliminate pain points and create loyal, lifelong customers.

We unlock the “why” behind your customer feedback with world-class artificial intelligence that’s customized to your business. Stop relying on general text analytics & manual analysis, and partner with Idiomatic to start executing the right decisions faster.

Want to see how much you can save on manual data categorization, deep dive analysis and reporting? Check out our ROI calculators for Product Insights, Operations Insights and Intervention.

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Some of our customer-favorite features

Ingest custom CSVs

Ingest custom CSVs / surveys

For custom data sources, you can set up shared repositories like AWS S3 and FTP or you can forward CSV attachments via email. You can upload data in any format and we will ingest it into Idiomatic. We can also break down multi-question surveys into composite parts for easier analysis of the verbatim comments within them.

If you have non-standard systems, custom data setups or multi-question custom surveys, you can still analyze that data alongside your standard helpdesk and other data.

Keyword search

Keyword search

Ability to filter issues based on keywords and view sentiments specific to keywords.

For a simple and quick analysis, you can search and find the exact topics you are interested in.

Custom sentiment analysis models

Custom sentiment analysis models

Our sentiment labels are calibrated to the specific channels of your customer feedback. For each data source (app reviews, support tickets, etc.) we have different sentiment analysis models. As a result, you can track more accurate sentiments by channel.

Ability to create and track different user segments

Ability to create and track different user segments

With the custom filters you create for your user segments, you can view which issues are important to your specific user segments.

  • For your app review feedback, you can segment users based on app ratings, devices or versions.
  • For your social media feedback, you can segment users based on the number of followers they have or the number of times they’ve contacted you.
  • For your customer survey feedback, you can segment users based on NPS scores, CSAT scores, or any other custom segmentation.
  • For your customer support feedback, you can segment first-time users, VIP customers, geography, channel, or any other custom segmentation.
Daily, weekly, monthly trends and insights in a variety of visualizations

Daily, weekly, monthly trends and insights in a variety of visualizations

You can view each issue, sentiment, ratings, and ticket volume over time.

You can answer whether you are improving customer experience in a data-driven way by tracking issues, sentiments, ratings, and ticket volume over time.


Market intelligence data that delivers better marketing

Your marketing teams thrive when they understand your audience, their online behaviors, their pain points, and their needs. The tricky part is that your audience is using many different platforms and tracking multiple data sources separately can lead to confusion. With Idiomatic’s marketing intelligence platform, your team can access voice-of-audience data in one centralized and organized space. 

  • See a clear picture of performance to understand the return on your efforts, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately drive more sales and leads. 
  • Enter each platform’s credentials into Idiomatic and start collecting data. Our marketing intelligence tool will even pull in historical data to help you track progress year over year and get a complete picture of audience feedback.

Increased conversion rates 

Understanding how (and why) your customers convert online is the key to generating more sales and revenue. 

  • Our marketing intelligence software tracks and analyzes conversations across all feedback channels including your website
  • Gain a better understanding of where conversions are happening and what areas need improvement. All the data collected helps you steer your optimization efforts to improve the customer experience and increase sales.

Automated reporting

Collect the most accurate data with Idiomatic’s market intelligence tool. 

  • Our software combines all your feedback data into one universal intelligence platform where you can analyze and identify actionable insights that’ll move the needle forward with your marketing efforts. 
  • Real-time monitoring with custom alerts notifies your team of changes in market trends and feedback.

More efficient training

It’s common knowledge that marketing intelligence tools improve marketing efforts, but did you know that they also make for a smoother training process? 

  • Leverage marketing data and management tools when onboarding new hires for better professional training that gets trainees up to speed faster. 
  • New hires get a clear picture of audience behavior and understand how to jump in with their skills and ideas to contribute to your ongoing efforts.

Easier management

When your company’s customer feedback data is housed and accessible in one unified platform, you make the decision-making process easier for your Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. 

  • Your CEO, CMO, and other decision-makers are able to make data-driven business decisions to steer your company in the right direction and accelerate growth.

Increased customer retention

By knowing your audience inside and out, you can create products that speak to their wants and needs, market to them effectively and identify areas of improvement along the sales funnel—all which lead to higher retention rates and increased lifetime value. 


Competitive intelligence that sets you ahead of the rest

Become the leader in your industry and stay there. With Idiomatic, you’re always one step ahead of the competition. Through multiple customer feedback data points, you gain a deeper understanding of your competitive advantage and how it changes over time. Measure customer feedback from support tickets, reviews, chats, survey responses, emails, and more to improve organizational performance and better your business practices.


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Get ahead with Idiomatic’s Marketing Intelligence Software

Lean on the power of AI to enhance your marketing intelligence and competitive advantage. Our AI-driven intelligence platform analyzes qualitative customer feedback and survey data in real-time and compiles customer journey insights so your team can spend time actioning strategies instead of manually sorting data. 

Request a demo and see how Idiomatic’s customizable and easy-to-use platform fits your market intelligence needs.

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