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Idiomatic’s customer intelligence platform

AI-driven customer intelligence platform

Identify the customer issues that:

  • Cost the most in time or money.
  • Could be resolved with automation or chatbot.
  • Will have the highest ROI from investing in better workflows / self-service.

(We pre-tag tickets for your agents.)

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Truly customer-focused
companies use Idiomatic

increase in product satisfaction
saved in annual support costs
decrease in complaints
more customer feedback analyzed
increase in positive CSAT scores
reduction in top customer issues

Our customer intelligence solutions

We identify customer pain points, drivers, and sentiment across different contact sources. We solve the problem of CS & CX teams not being able to leverage existing user feedback effectively to drive product, service, or operations improvements.

We unlock the “why” behind your customer feedback with advanced AI that’s customized to your business. Stop relying on general text analytics & manual analysis, and turn your customer feedback into a complete, data-driven voice of customer picture with Idiomatic’s customer intelligence software.

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The customer feedback
data we analyze

Listen to all of your customers, not just the ones who answer surveys. We categorize and quantify any type of customer feedback from all of your data sources.


Customer Support

Time Off

Customer Surveys


App Reviews


Social Media


Forums &


Product Reviews


Some of our customer-favorite features

Custom data labels organized in easy to understand categories and issues

Custom data labels organized in easy to understand categories and issues

We bridge the gap between how your customers speak and how you describe the issues, by creating a comprehensive and custom set of labels for each of your unique data sets. This results in

  1. Surfacing trends you may not have seen before.
  2. Unified and up to date insights on an on-going basis.
Human-quality insights at scale

Human-quality insights at scale

By having the most detailed and accurate machine learning models in the industry, we categorize your customer feedback based on your unique business issues and needs. Our ML is not keyword based, our ML understands language and the relationship between words.

Custom sentiment analysis models

Custom sentiment analysis models

Our sentiment labels are calibrated to the specific channels of your customer feedback. For each data source (app reviews, support tickets, etc.) we have different sentiment analysis models. As a result, you can track more accurate sentiments by channel.

Ability to create and track different user segments

Ability to create and track different user segments

With the custom filters you create for your user segments, you can view which issues are important to your specific user segments.

Triage of tickets

Routing and triage of support tickets

You can improve your support experiences by automatically routing and escalating tickets based on the customer issue.

Report builder

Report builder

You can build, schedule and share custom reports (via email) about your customer issues, from the Idiomatic dashboard. 


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