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Our mission is to make the business world revolve around customers.

Idiomatic team

We believe that in competitive industries, the products that “just work” are going to be the ones that win.

We’ve already seen this play out with Chrome, Slack, and the iPhone, and can imagine a future where the frictionless customer experience of those products is considered the norm.

Idiomatic’s mission is to usher in this future, by providing companies with a roadmap for creating magical experiences with their products or services. Idiomatic does this by using customer feedback to tell companies what to improve and whether their efforts are working. This turns out to be hard to do, but that’s also why it’s fun to work on and valuable to companies.

We translate customer feedback into actionable data. Our name derives from our ability to make customer feeedback idiomatic to the businesses we work with. From product, to marketing, to strategy, our core belief is that ALL business decisions can benefit from better understanding of customers.

How Idiomatic started

Idiomatic team 6

As experienced founders, Idiomatic founders Chris & Kevin previously used data to help put food in people, used data to help put babies in people, and used machine learning to help put insights from data in people‘s hands.

They got started on this journey because they had a unique outlook on customer feedback and they believed that they were the right people to unlock the potential of that data. They have experience dealing with vast quantities of complex data, building great products, and running complex operations with millions of customers.

They experienced first-hand the frustration of not really knowing how their customers felt, what was causing them pain, or where to apply limited resources to fix these problems.

Like every other company, they made judgment calls and used their gut. Like every other company, their gut was often dead wrong. They grew tired of flying blind, and they started Idiomatic so that others don’t have to either.

Meet our founders

Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez

Co-Chief Executive Officer | Growth

Chris is obsessed with pushing Idiomatic to move faster in providing value to customers. Prior to Idiomatic, he co-founded Glow (15+ Million users, 40 countries). He has a BS in Math and Computer Science, a JD, and an MBA from Stanford. Outside of work, he can typically be found cooking, playing basketball (or really any other sport), or traveling with his wife and three children. His favorite quote is “fear is the mind-killer” from the novel Dune.


Kevin Yang

Co-Chief Executive Officer | Technical & Business Operations

Kevin is a repeat entrepreneur who gets great satisfaction from seeing team members and clients thrive. Prior to Idiomatic, he co-founded EAT Club ($85 million ARR, acquired by Compass). He has an AB in Physics from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford. Outside of work, he can typically be found cooking, eating, or thinking about eating with his wife and two daughters. His favorite quote is "Do the next right thing" from Anna from Frozen II.

Our Team

As a Kenyan-American based in St Louis, Allan is a big fan of most things sport (if pressed, he would admit that basketball is his favorite). Outside of work you'll most likely find him watching sports, gaming, disc golfing, kayaking or biking. At work, Allan is a seasoned Enablement Engineer whose passionate about building things while building up teammates.

allan ngei

Allan Ngei

Director of Enablement Engineering

Although Alyssa is a beach bum at heart, she'll likely stay in St. Louis, where she was born and raised, to stay close to her family. She's been with Idiomatic for 4 years and specializes in building relationships with her clients. When she's not working, you can find her hiking throughout the United States, filling her backpack with interesting rocks, fossils or crystals she finds while hiking and if you don't spot her on a trail, you can find her taking care of her many plants, or spending time with her family.

alyssa beckering

Alyssa Beckering

Senior Client Success Analyst

Born and raised in California, Aman has received a B.S in Computer Engineering at San Jose State University and is pursuing a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence. She is always on the search to learn and grow to improve the world around her. Aman can also be found tinkering with projects such as wood working and she enjoys painting, reading, and playing basketball.

aman deep kaur

Aman Deep Kaur

Enablement Engineer

Though raised on the Atlantic coast of the United States, Andrew has lived in the Indianapolis area since 2010. Most of his time is spent being a homebody with his fiancee and two sons, or at a soccer game with his family whenever possible. Working steadily since the age of 12, Andrew has experience in various industries but has found a home in the technology success and training roles and enjoys building relationships with customers and watching their success grow over time.

andrew lantz

Andrew Lantz

Sr. Onboarding Specialist

Ben rarely takes the path well traveled. In life, he prefers experiences over possessions. In work, he seeks to understand processes to the point of being able to optimize them. Ben joined Idiomatic in 2018 while living abroad in Sweden, and he now wears many hats in both the business development and revenue operations departments.

ben harbert

Ben Harbert

Growth & Revenue Ops

Before joining Idiomatic in 2021, Corissa worked as a biologist and educator for 10 years. She uses her expertise with data manipulation and problem-solving to help our clients gain a greater understanding of their data. Always eager for the next question, Corissa brings a flexible and positive attitude that clients trust and appreciate. When not working with clients' data, Corissa can be found spending time with her family on hikes, canoe-trips, and around the campfire.

corissa mantooth

Corissa Mantooth

Senior Client Success Analyst

Deepthi was born and brought up in Hyderabad, India and currently lives in Boston. She has over 15 years of cross-functional experience in various areas including product management, software engineering, and entrepreneurship. She is a foodie and enjoys spending time with her family and binge watching sitcoms and thrillers.

deepthi andi

Deepthi Andi

Senior Product Manager

Born and raised in Istanbul, currently based in Toronto, Deniz is a Mediterranean at heart. She has 10+ years of B2B & B2C marketing experience in various sectors such as SaaS, e-commerce, education and consumer goods. Outside of work you can find her traveling and exploring the food & drinks scenes around the world.

deniz kuran

Deniz Kuran

Head of Marketing

Attentive and strict to quality by her nature, Elena loves Specialty Coffee which has a lot in common with Software Product Development when it comes to the Quality Management. Elena lives in Poland and her free time spends exploring the world and learning the history and the culture of people.

elena kulgavaya

Elena Kulgavaya

Senior QA Engineer

After a 10 year stint in Seattle, WA, Elly recently relocated back to her Bay Area roots and settled in Santa Rosa, CA. Elly's professional background is eclectic and ranges from non-profit, education, hospitality, and SaaS in roles centered around improving customer experience. She has her MBA and is an entrepreneur at heart. Outside of work you can find her running/hiking the trails, listening to audio books, going on adventures with her 3 year old, working on completing her children's book, and trying to perfect gluten free recipes.

elly irby

Elly Irby

Senior Client Success Analyst

Emanuel is a Software Engineer passionate about building scalable and robust data-intensive systems. He is a philomath, a coffee aficionado and always ready for a new adventure.

emanuel danci

Emanuel Danci

Senior Software Engineer

Ever since graduating the Computer Science University in Timisoara in 2009, George has been turning coffee into software for fun and profit. He loves traveling and while he's visited a lot of places between Auckland and Vancouver, the continents of Africa and South America still remain to be "discovered".

george ganea

George Ganea

Senior Software Engineer

Hannelore currently resides in Colorado. Hannelore is an experienced Product Analyst specializing in establishing usage metrics, data storage, product demos, and product support. When not sifting through databases you can find Hannelore outdoors hiking, playing grass volleyball, or inside listening to music and reading a book.

hannelore brun

Hannelore Brun

Enablement Engineer

To be added soon.

heather pastorius

Heather Pastorius

Director of Sales

Originally from Louisville, KY and now living in Tallahassee, FL, Ian Herrick is Idiomatic’s first Sales Engineer. He comes to this role with 4+ years of experience at Idiomatic, most recently as a Principle Enablement Engineer. When he’s not strategizing with prospective clients, you will most likely find Ian adventuring with his partner and pup, playing disc golf, or cheering on the UK Wildcats!

ian herrick

Ian Herrick

Sales Engineer

Joe had 11+ years of experience in video games testing that helps improve the overall customer product and service experience, with the last three years focused on reading thousands of player bug reports. He regularly plays World of Warcraft since the game launch, you will usually find him running dungeons or working on auction house with a spreadsheet open. He's an avid fan of One Piece, Luffy is gonna be the Pirate King!

Joe Truong

Data Science Analyst

From Costa Rica, "Pura vida!" is his motto and coffee is his fuel. He has been in the software industry for around 10 years, he is passionate about coding and learning new skills. Outside work he is unpredictable, he could be walking next to the crater of an active volcano, jumping on a waterfall, or climbing some rocks... but you could also find him creating art or trying to find a new coffee shop.

johnny quesada

Johnny Quesada

Frontend-focused Fullstack Engineer

Kayla has 7+ years of experience working with a diverse group of clients including banking, plumbing, & subscription services. Born, raised, & currently living in St. Louis (that’s in Missouri!), she loves to travel and explore new places whenever she gets a chance. When she’s not traveling, you’ll find her reading a good thriller book cuddled up with her two dogs and a glass of wine.

kayla nelson

Kayla Nelson

Director of Client Success

Born, raised, and residing just outside of St. Louis Kyle is midwestern through and through. He has 8+ years of business operations experience working at startups in SaaS and Food Service. Outside of work, you'll find Kyle at the soccer fields with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys spending time remodeling his home and pwning noobs on the inter-web (gaming).

kyle wiedenhoffer

Kyle Wiedenhofer

Head of People Operations

Originally from Texas and a Texas A&M graduate, Lily moved to St. Louis and started at Idiomatic in 2018. She enjoys combining the strategic and analytical elements of finance to help build a solution she believes in. Outside of work, she loves to spend time with her husband, laugh with friends, play volleyball, and be outdoors.

lily reed

Lily Reed

Head of Finance

Matt is a software developer living in New York City with his wife and his dog. He enjoys books, coffee, building things for the web, and spending time with friends. One day he would like to own a combination used bookstore/cafe in a nice city.

Matthew Roll

Matthew Roll

Principal Software Engineer

Michelle is currently based in Boston and joined Idiomatic in 2017. She has worked in tech for 9 years, starting in geospatial intelligence and later moving into data science, working with Idiomatic’s machine learning. When offline, Michelle’s usually caught spoiling her Rottweiler, reading pretentious novels, jet-setting with her partner, or forever trying to perfect her Chicken Makhani recipe.

michelle mcintosh

Michelle McIntosh

Principal Data Scientist

Mihai calls Krakow home since 2011 when he moved there from Romania and was charmed by the city. He has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, but his love for computers goes way back to the late 80's when he started to learn programming on 8bit home computers. When he is not in front of the computer, he can be found practicing aiki-jujutsu, riding a motorcycle, learning to surf or spending time with his family."

mihai pora

Mihai Pora

Principal Software Engineer

Ryan resides in St. Louis working on his amateur wanderer life badge. He has an educational expertise in Evolutionary Biology and passion for all things science that have helped him hone his analytical problem solving abilities beyond your typical MBA. When he’s not helping you find important insights you can find him enjoying life with friends, working on cars, and getting lost in nature; “Not all those who wander are lost.”

ryan franks

Ryan Franks

Director of Data Science

Theresa has 10+ years of experience working at startups as well as a strong passion for product. Building new and exciting technologies and the process of continuously learning are what drive her. When not working, she spends her time chasing her 2 kids, cooking, and gardening.

theresa bui

Theresa Bui

Director of Product

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We believe in cultivating our talent, and will do so with active mentorship and clear growth opportunities.