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Idiomatic’s customer support software

Customer satisfaction software

Identify the customer issues that:

  • Cost the most in time or money.
  • Could be resolved with automation or chatbot.
  • Will have the highest ROI from investing in better workflows / self-service.

(We pre-tag tickets for your agents.)

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Truly customer-focused
companies use Idiomatic

increase in product satisfaction
saved in annual support costs
decrease in complaints
more customer feedback analyzed
increase in positive CSAT scores
reduction in top customer issues

The customer satisfaction analytics platform for better user analysis

We identify customer pain points, drivers, and sentiment across different contact sources. We solve the problem of CS & CX teams not being able to leverage existing user feedback effectively to drive product, service, or operations improvements.

We unlock the “why” behind your customer feedback with advanced AI that’s customized to your business. Stop relying on general text analytics & manual analysis, and turn your customer feedback into a complete, data-driven voice of customer picture with Idiomatic’s customer intelligence software.

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Some of our customer-favorite features

Triage of tickets

Triage of tickets

You can improve your support experience by automatically escalating certain tickets based on the customer issue.

You can reduce churn by automatically escalating high-priority tickets and getting ahead of spiking ticket volume.

Idiomatic’s AI translates and categorizes tickets in other languages for holistic insights, which helps customer service reps in other countries.

  • Automate ticket priority and alleviate stress among your support team.
  • Effortlessly route specific issues to specialized reps. 
  • Eliminate language barriers in ticket analysis for enhanced equality in customer satisfaction insights.
Human-quality insights at scale

Human-quality insights at scale

By having the most detailed and accurate machine learning model in the industry, we categorize your customer feedback based on your unique business issues and needs. Our ML is not keyword based, our ML understands language and the relationship between words.

  • No need to analyze your customer feedback data manually anymore.
  • No human errors with our accurate ML.
  • Our ML allows you to process large volumes of data and scale.
247 monitoring for spiking ticket volumes

24/7 monitoring for spiking ticket volumes

Business never sleeps and neither does our AI. Get notified when there is a spike in ticket volume for specific issues.

You can act immediately and avoid churn by noticing spiking ticket volume on specific issues. You can monitor product changes in real-time as they are rolled out.

  • Never leave customers waiting again. Address critical issues as soon as they arise so you can nip them in the bud.
  • Immediately address issues instead of taking time to gather evidence.
Ability to create and track different user segments

Ability to create and track different user segments

With the custom filters you create for your user segments, you can view which issues are important to your specific user segments.

  • For your app review feedback, you can segment users based on app ratings, devices or versions.
  • For your social media feedback, you can segment users based on the number of followers they have or the number of times they’ve contacted you.
  • For your customer survey feedback, you can segment users based on NPS scores, CSAT scores, or any other custom segmentation.
  • For your customer support feedback, you can segment first time users, VIP customers, geography, channel, or any other custom segmentation.
Immediate data availability

Immediate data availability

Through our integration your data flows into the Idiomatic dashboard in real time. As a result, you can view your data trending in real time without any delays.

  • Your customer support agents can stay on top of issues as they are emerging without delay.
  • Your product team can stay on top of product launches in real time.
Report builder

Report builder

You can build, schedule and share custom reports (via email) about your customer issues, from the Idiomatic dashboard.


Account for every customer satisfaction indicator

Understanding how satisfied (or dissatisfied) your customers are requires a complete picture of their feedback, across multiple channels, housed in one place. When you’re able to visually see the data in one centralized location, you can easily identify trends and prioritize actions needed to continue improving your business.

Idiomatic’s customer satisfaction software automates the processing of customer satisfaction data through multiple channels. Clearly understand the indicators behind CSAT, Net Promoter Score, churn rate, and more. Learn how these metrics are impacting your business and what to do to improve them.

Customer satisfaction channels Idiomatic tracks and analyzes:

  • Email:

Email threads can be lengthy and time-consuming to analyze. Idiomatic’s customer satisfaction tool monitors support emails for customer satisfaction sentiment and data. This automatically gets pulled into our centralized interface for quick and easy analysis and reporting.

  • Live Chats:

Live chats are one of the most effective channels for measuring customer satisfaction. Our customer satisfaction software uses AI to track and analyze customer sentiment data found in Live Chats. It’s intuitive enough to analyze sentiment from both agent-based and bot-based chats. Improve your Live Chat experience with our AI and create a better experience for your online customers.

  • Phone Transcripts:

It can take hours to manually sift through telephone transcripts or listen to recordings. As valuable as this information can be when measuring customer satisfaction and making improvements to your process, it’s a daunting task that often gets pushed to the back burner. Speed up the process with machine learning and let our AI take this task from back burner to front seat in seconds.

  • Text or SMS:

SMS is another elite channel for collecting and analyzing customer satisfaction feedback. Although the data is usually quantitative and may seem like an easier channel to analyze manually, this mindset can cause SMS feedback to become stale (e.g. if you recycle the same questions year over year). When the same data is collected time and time again, you limit the growth potential of your business. Get  more robust and valuable feedback from your SMS channel with Idiomatic’s customer satisfaction and sentiment analysis software.

  • Social Media:

A lot of valuable customer feedback can get buried on social media. Idiomatic’s AI monitors your social media channels for ongoing satisfaction levels. You can set up custom notifications to alert you when someone with a large following is speaking negatively about your company so you can address it right away and protect your brand’s online reputation. Gain valuable customer insights after product launches and understand their sentiment when it comes to your customer service. 

  • Website:

Idiomatic can also integrate with your site to collect customer feedback data on your website to better understand customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) while engaging with your website. 

  • Chatbot:

Automate your Live Chat without sacrificing customer experience. We analyze chatbot conversations to provide specific feedback on the next automation you should build to best serve your customers. 

Distill customer satisfaction data into one easy-to-use platform to understand sentiment, identify trends, and take immediate action where it’s needed most. Book a demo to learn how our customer satisfaction solution can work for you.

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Integrate. Track. Act.

Idiomatic’s customer satisfaction software integrates seamlessly into various parts of your tech stack without interruption. Gain full access to intuitive data dashboards with custom labels and categories to identify what issues are causing the most friction against customer happiness and loyalty. Our AI is advanced enough to understand customer sentiment from qualitative feedback. Easily identify customer dissatisfaction and take action immediately with Idiomatic.


Increase customer satisfaction with ease


By the time you collect and analyze customer satisfaction data, the results may not be relevant anymore. The collection and analysis process can take months (or even years) when done manually. If you take this approach, you won’t be able to make internal changes fast enough to address customer issues and by then it’ll have become a larger problem than it was at the start.


Even your top talent still makes mistakes. This is inevitable whenever humans are involved in data analysis. Our AI leaves no stone unturned when it comes to customer feedback, meaning you’ll never miss out on valuable data to drive your company forward.

Real-time monitoring:

Getting a complete picture of customer satisfaction takes more than just sending out an NPS survey and calling it a day. Customer satisfaction is an ongoing evaluation and should be monitored in real-time to get an accurate and up-to-date picture of how customers are feeling in the present moment (not three months ago).


Too often you’ll have hundreds of tickets to manage, with little opportunity to analyze them. No one will have a solid understanding of what your clients are saying or how they’re feeling. Enjoy having all your customer feedback data in one place for clear, accurate, and easy analysis.


Not only does our software increase customer satisfaction, but it also reduces customer churn, improves product management, enhances marketing efforts, and streamlines reporting. Your whole team benefits from the use of customer satisfaction software, making it a win-win for your company and your customers.


A true partner in maintaining your customer’s satisfaction

At Idiomatic, we prioritize you, your business, your team, and your customers. Your success is our success so our team is thorough in your onboarding process and we continue with our assistance as you bring on new members to your team. We take pride in our customer success team and we are truly invested in our partnerships.

But don’t just take our word for it…


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