Instant Voice of Customer of online dating apps: What users like and dislike about them

Voice of Customer

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With Idiomatic’s new self-serve version, we analyzed 6 of the most popular dating apps’ app reviews and found out what users like and dislike about them.

Apps: Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, HER

Data source: App reviews

App store: Google Play and iOS

Timeline: June 1-16, 2024

Number of app reviews analyzed: 1,200

Let’s start with the most important question:

Is it possible to find love using dating apps?

The answer is yes! Let’s take a look at a few reviews from users who have found love.

hinge-rating 5

bumble-rating 5

HER-rating 5

With that said, of course there are many things that need to be improved according to the users. Let’s dive in!

What do users complain the most about when it comes to dating apps?

dating apps-rating 1


  • The app’s functionality being severely limited for non-paying users, leading to a poor user experience.

tinder-rating 1

  • Customers feeling that the app’s services are overpriced without providing sufficient value, leading to dissatisfaction.

hinge-rating 1

  • Many users encounter fake profiles and scams, which significantly diminish trust in the platform and user experience.

bumble-rating 1

Are there any other issues that users complain about for a specific dating app?

The most common issue for Plenty of Fish users who gave low ratings is:

Technical glitches with features: Specific features such as messaging, profile viewing, and notifications are plagued with technical glitches.

technical glitches with features issue

An example would be:

Plenty of Fish-rating 1

One of the most common issues for eHarmony users who gave low ratings is:

Payment and subscription complaints: Customers express frustration with the payment structures and subscription models, particularly the length of subscription terms, feeling they are pushed into paying for basic features for a long period of time.

payment and subscription complaints

An example would be:

eharmony-rating 1

One of the most common issues for HER users who gave low ratings is:

Unfair account suspensions: Users report unfair or unexplained account suspensions, leaving them frustrated and without recourse.

unfair account suspensions issue

An example would be:

HER-rating 1

To end this blog post on a good note, can you share a few hopeful dating app reviews?

Of course!

eharmony-rating 5

plenty of fish-rating 5

tinder-rating 5


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