How Pinterest’s Product team creates product roadmaps by turning customer feedback into features

Customer Stories

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Relying on small samples of customer anecdotes resulted in less impactful product decisions. With goals to monetize internationally and maximize ROI on product development, Pinterest’s Product team needed a way to quantify customer feedback across all data sources and customer types in real-time. Pinterest’s Product team partners with Idiomatic to maximize product value and customer experience by quantifying the “why” behind customer feedback.

Primary Feedback Types

  • Support
  • App Reviews
  • Trust and Safety
  • Spam
  • Help Center Article Feedback
  • Ads Feedback
  • Feature Requests
  • Twitter
  • Analytics
  • CSAT
  • Other Surveys


Idiomatic’s Process

  • Create a custom, granular categorization of customer feedback across data sources.
  • Train machine learning to predict categorizations with accuracy in real-time.
  • Customize insights dashboards to unlock powerful analysis capabilities for the voice of customer.


Product roadmap influenced by Idiomatic

Pinterest’s Product team changes their product roadmap by quantifying & prioritizing customer feedback.

10% increase in Net Promoter Score

Pinterest’s Product team ensures their solutions are meaningful to their customers by basing them on the “why” behind customer feedback.

95% reduction in time to get insights

Pinterest’s Product team saves time & makes decisions faster with real-time, AI categorization.

48 spike alerts every month

Pinterest’s Product team uses Idiomatic spike alerts to proactively solve product friction.

93% positive product launch ratings

Pinterest’s Product team improves product launches by measuring impact & feedback across customer segments.

“Idiomatic helped me influence more than 4 product changes last quarter.”


Pinterest’s Product team hosted a hack-a-thon to creatively solving top-ranking feature requests. The team leveraged Idiomatic’s real-time, granular categorization across support data, app reviews, surveys, and other feedback types to quickly quantify trends. The Product team understood the root cause by quantifying the problem and impact of a top customer pain point. Using Idiomatic’s analysis, the team implemented a solution that was pivotal in Pinterest’s future product roadmap.

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