How Pinterest’s User Services team optimized operational efficiency to scale strategically

Customer Stories

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Routing tickets based on user self-selection lacked the precision and accuracy needed to specialize agents. With over 60,000 monthly contacts, Pinterest’s User Services team needed a way to optimize efficiency while improving the support experience. Pinterest’s User Services team partners with Idiomatic to strategically scale & improve support operations using advanced, real-time ticket categorization.

Primary Feedback Types

  • Support
  • CSAT
  • Trust and Safety
  • Spam


Idiomatic’s Process

  • Create a custom, granular categorization of customer feedback.
  • Train machine learning to predict categorizations with accuracy.
  • Push custom categorizations and sentiment analysis to Pinterest’s helpdesk in real-time to enable ticket routing & auto-replies.
  • Send real-time notifications of spiking issues via Slack.


$860,000 saved in annual customer support costs

Pinterest User Services saves on support costs by strategically tiering their customer support operations.

57% reduction in ticket resolution time

Pinterest User Services reduces resolution time and improves support experiences by specializing agents.

17% increase in CSAT scores

Pinterest User Services improves CSAT scores by analyzing survey responses for key drivers of negative scores across specific teams, agents, and customer issues.

12% decrease in monthly contacts

Pinterest User Services decreases monthly contact volume by creating auto-replies for top customer issues and optimizing self-selection categories.

48 spike alerts every month

Pinterest User Services addresses & escalates spiking issues quicker by monitoring real-time spike notifications in Slack.

“We used Idiomatic insights to power granular routing within Zendesk which gives us greater control in ticket handling and also lets us analyze the user-experience in a different, issue-specific way.”


Using Idiomatic’s analysis, the User Services team found that simple requests and questions accounted for the majority of contact volume. Pinterest made the strategic decision to tier their support team by contact complexity. The User Services team set up ticket routing workflows based on Idiomatic’s categorization of customer issues, sending complex & high-priority contacts to specialized teams. To ensure consistency in support experiences across teams, the User Services team uses Idiomatic’s analysis of CSAT responses & scores to further improve training.

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