How Pinterest’s Partnerships (Advertiser Services) team maximizes advertising value by improving ad targeting & experience

Customer Stories

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The limitations of small data samples led to uncertainty in decision-making. With the company goal to rapidly increase average revenue per user, Pinterest’s Partnership team needed a way to drive advertising revenue without diminishing the customer experience. Pinterest’s Partnerships team leverages Idiomatic to improve the advertising experience for users and business partners by uncovering specific pain points and opportunities.

Primary Feedback Types

  • Support
  • App Reviews
  • Trust and Safety
  • Spam
  • Help Center Article Feedback
  • Ads Feedback
  • Twitter
  • Analytics


Idiomatic’s Process

  • Create a custom, granular categorization of customer feedback across data sources.
  • Train machine learning to predict categorizations with accuracy in real-time.
  • Customize insights dashboards to unlock powerful analysis capabilities for the voice of customer.


74% reduction in ad targeting complaints

Pinterest’s Partnerships team uses Idiomatic’s specific categorization of ad feedback to improve ad targeting for business partners and customers.

55% decrease in advertising analytics complaints

Pinterest’s Partnerships team drives impactful solutions using standardized insights across data sources.

59% decrease in sensitive topics in complaints

Pinterest’s Partnerships team improves the customer experience by addressing specific advertising concerns
with Idiomatic insights.

62% increase in positive partner feedback

Pinterest’s Partnerships team prioritizes changes using Idiomatic’s key driver analysis to correlate top customer pains to negative scores.

58% reduction in platform complaints

Pinterest’s Partnerships team implements solutions to proactively address nuanced advertising pain points uncovered by Idiomatic.

“In recent months, Idiomatic has been a monumental data source for gathering user feedback in relation to ad relevance/negative ad experience, as we look to generate product buy in on improved ads relevance.”


With insights into all customer feedback data through Idiomatic, the Partnerships (Advertiser Services) team filtered for advertising feedback across data sources. The Partnerships team found that an underlying reason for ad relevance complaints was because ad targeting didn’t account for skin tone. Using Idiomatic’s granular insights, the team quantified the issue and drove the development of a skin tone filter feature for advertising. By improving the ad experience across customer segments, the Partnerships team increases average revenue per user.

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